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2005 - Shearer, Hauksson and Lin: locations using waveform cross-correlation and cluster analysis

Initial results from a major new analysis of southern California seismicity, performed jointly by Caltech and U.C. San Diego, are now available in the form of an improved catalog of earthquake locations. Over 340,000 events are included between 1984 to 2002, including large aftershock sequences from the Northridge, Landers and Hector Mine earthquakes. The new locations use information determined by waveform cross-correlation of seismograms, a computationally intensive method that provides more precise times than standard methods. This makes possible more accurate locations of earthquakes with respect to nearby events. In many regions, the new catalog resolves individual faults in what previously appeared to be diffuse earthquake clouds.

Reference: Shearer, P., E. Hauksson and G. Lin, Southern California hypocenter relocation with waveform cross-correlation, Part 2: Results using source-specific station terms and cluster analysis, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am., 95, 904-915, doi=10.1785/0120040168, 2005.

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