Earthquake Catalogs

SCSN Catalog (1932-present)

The SCEDC has compiled all available historic seismic data holdings in southern California to create a single-source for online access to southern California earthquake data. The catalog goes back to the beginning of routine seismological operations by the Caltech Seismological Laboratory in 1932. A basic description of the contents of the catalog over time can be found at SCSN Archive Information in the "About" section. Today the catalog is stored in a central relational database which allows updates made by the SCSN and its analysts to be immediately visible to the user. Users can search the catalog or download large time spans in pre-made files, which are re-generated daily. The files are version controlled in the SCEDC repository on GitHub. (See below) Changes in practices/procedures that affect catalog quality,results, or formats can be found in the change history.

Access Methods for SCSN Catalog

Catalog Search Forms
Web Services
  • Web STP is a web service version of STP, which allows users to retrieve continuous or triggered waveform data in various formats, as well as download phase data for events in the SCEDC earthquake catalog. Users can either use the form or call the service programmatically via curl or wget.
  • FDSN Event Waveform Web Service allows users to retrieve earthquake parametric data in quakeML format. This service follows FDSN Web Service specifications (fdsnws-event). Users can either use the form or call the service programmatically via curl or wget.
Pre-made Static ASCII Files (best for large dataset analysis)

Alternate Catalogs - Locations and focal mechanisms submitted by researchers

The SCEDC also hosts a number of earthuquake catalogs provided by researchers who have applied further processing techniques. More information can be found on the Alternate Southern California Earthquake Catalogs page.