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Waveform Data

Seismogram Transfer Program (STP)

What Is STP?
"STP" is a client side program for retrieving waveform data for seismic events from the Southern California Earthquake Data Center. This program can be used via this WWW graphical interface or as a standalone program running on the users local computer. If you have questions, please visit: frequently asked questions.

The STP User Manual (Version 1.01) is now available.

Standalone Version of STP Program recommended for repeated searching of archive
The program can be run standalone on the user's local computer by downloading the software from our product download page. Users who use the standalone version of the software can retrieve the waveforms directly to their local machine.

The newest version of the standalone STP client is 1.6.2. This version corrects a bug that caused a segmentation fault on 64-bit machines when the main STP server was overloaded.

Web Service Version of STP Program
Users can also download triggered and continuous data through our web service. Event phase data is available as well. Users can also use wget or curl to programmatically retrieve data from this service.

PySTP - Python Module of STP Program
PySTP is a Python module for connecting to STP (Seismogram Transfer Program) servers and downloading event metadata, phase picks, and waveforms triggered by seismic events. The outputs are ObsPy python objects. PySTP can be downloaded from the SCEDC PySTP GitHub repository