Station Metadata and Maps

The SCEDC archives and distributes station metadata for all SCSN seismic stations. For where we have digital waveforms (1977-present), we strive to be able describe all stages of the instrument response so that users can derive ground motion. For the era prior to digital waveforms we provide station latitude and longitude. The SCEDC also stores metadata from surrounding regional seismic networks, whose stations might be used in SCSN processing to help refine earthquake locations. As a result, the user will find non-CI metadata in our web services and station lists, but we encourage the user to go to the regional seismic network for the authoritative version. The metadata hosted by the SCEDC is produced by the ANSS Station Information System, which is used by a number of ANSS regional seismic networks, funded by the ANSS, and maintained and developed by SCEDC staff.

Station Lists and Naming Conventions

Current lists of stations used by the SCSN, naming practices for station data, and description of how station information is maintained.

Station Maps

Maps of SCSN stations


Hardware and response information of SCSN stations

References and Notes