Earthquake Information

Chronological Earthquake Index

Like the clickable image, this list does not feature every earthquake ever recorded in southern California above a certain magnitude; these are selected events and they do not represent a complete list. Catalogs of all southern California events recorded since 1932 can be accessed elsewhere.

The earthquakes which are listed here are marked with colored squares indicating magnitude. The scale is as follows:

blue box Under magnitude 4.5
green box Magnitude 4.5 to 5.4
yellow box Magnitude 5.5 to 6.4
orange box Magnitude 6.5 to 7.4
red box Magnitude 7.5 and greater
camera icon = photos video icon= movie

For various reasons, not all of the earthquakes listed here are featured on the clickable image. Typically, the most common name for an event is given here, but some earthquakes may be referred to with names not listed here.

Before 1900

yellow box 1769 LA Basin Earthquake (NEIC)
orange box 1800 San Diego Earthquake (NEIC)
orange box 1812 Wrightwood (or San Juan Capistrano) Earthquake (SCEDC)
orange box 1812 Santa Barbara Earthquake (SCEDC)
orange box 1812 Santa Barbara Earthquake (NEIC)
orange box 1852 Volcano Lake Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
red box 1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake (SCEDC)
red box 1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake (NEIC)
yellow box 1858 San Bernadino Earthquake (NEIC)
yellow box 1862 San Diego Earthquake (NEIC)
red box 1872 Owens Valley Earthquake (NEIC)
yellow box 1881 Parkfield Earthquake (NEIC)
yellow box 1883 Santa Barbara Channel Earthquake (NEIC)
orange box 1890 San Jacinto or Elsinore Fault Region Earthquake (NEIC)
orange box 1892 San Jacinto or Elsinore Fault Region Earthquake (NEIC)
orange box 1892 Laguna Salada Earthquake (SCEDC)
red box 1892 Imperial Valley Earthquake (NEIC)
yellow box 1899 Cajon Pass Earthquake (SCEDC)
orange box 1899 San Jacinto Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon


yellow box 1901 Parkfield Earthquake (USGS - Historical Earthquake Summary)
yellow box 1906 Imperial Valley Earthquake (USGS - Historical Earthquake Summary)
yellow box 1908 Death Valley Region Earthquake (USGS - Historical Earthquake Summary)
yellow box 1910 Elsinore Earthquake (SCEDC)
yellow box 1915 Imperial Valley Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
yellow box 1916 South of Death Valley Earthquake (USGS - Historical Earthquake Summary)
orange box 1918 San Jacinto Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
yellow box 1922 Parkfield Earthquake (USGS - Historical Earthquake Summary)
yellow box 1923 North San Jacinto Fault Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
yellow box 1925 Santa Barbara Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
orange box 1927 Lompoc Earthquake (SCEDC)
orange box 1927 Lompoc Earthquake (NEIC)


yellow box 1933 Long Beach Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
yellow box 1933 Long Beach Earthquake (NEIC)
yellow box 1934 Parkfield Earthquake (USGS - Historical Earthquake Summary)
yellow box 1937 San Jacinto Fault ("Terwilliger Valley") Earthquake (SCEDC)


orange box 1940 Imperial Valley Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
yellow box 1941 Santa Barbara Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1941 Torrance-Gardena Earthquakes (SCEDC)
orange box 1942 Fish Creek Mountains Earthquake (SCEDC)
yellow box 1946 Walker Pass Earthquake (SCEDC)
orange box 1947 Manix Earthquake (SCEDC)
yellow box 1948 Desert Hot Springs Earthquake (SCEDC)


red box 1952 Kern County Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
red box 1952 Kern County Earthquake (NEIC)
yellow box 1952 Bakersfield Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
yellow box 1954 San Jacinto Fault Earthquake (SCEDC)


blue box 1966 Imperial Fault Earthquake (SCEDC)
yellow box 1966 Parkfield Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
orange box 1968 Borrego Mountain Earthquake (SCEDC)


green box 1970 Lytle Creek Earthquake (SCEDC)
orange box 1971 San Fernando (Sylmar) Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
orange box 1971 San Fernando (Sylmar) Earthquake (NEIC)
green box 1973 Point Mugu Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1975 Galway Lake Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1978 Santa Barbara Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
green box 1979 Malibu Earthquake (SCEDC)
yellow box 1979 Imperial Valley Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon


yellow box 1980 White Wash Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1982 "Anza Gap" Earthquake (SCEDC)
yellow box 1986 North Palm Springs Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1986 Oceanside Earthquake (SCEDC)
orange box 1987 Elmore Ranch/Superstition Hills Earthquakes (SCEDC)
yellow box 1987 Whittier Narrows Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
green box 1988 Tejon Ranch Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1988 Upland Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1988 Pasadena Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1989 Malibu Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1989 Newport Beach Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1989 Montebello Earthquake (SCEDC)


green box 1990 Upland Earthquake (SCEDC)
yellow box 1991 Sierra Madre Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
yellow box 1992 Joshua Tree Earthquake (SCEDC)
orange box 1992 Landers Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon video icon
yellow box 1992 Big Bear Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon
yellow box 1992 Mojave (Garlock) Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1993 Wheeler Ridge Earthquake (SCEDC)
orange box 1994 Northridge Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon video icon
orange box 1994 Northridge Earthquake (USGS)
yellow box 1995 Ridgecrest Earthquakes (SCEDC)
green box 1996 Coso Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1997 Calico Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1998 Coso Earthquakes (SCEDC)
green box 1998 Crafton Hills (Redlands) Earthquake (SCEDC)
green box 1998 San Bernardino Earthquake (TriNet)
green box 1998 Whiskey Springs (Big Bear City) Earthquake (TriNet)
orange box 1999 Hector Mine Earthquake (SCEDC) camera icon


blue box 2001 West Hollywood Earthquake (USGS)
green box 2001 Anza Earthquake (SCSN)
blue box 2001 Compton Earthquake (SCSN)
blue box 2002 Simi Valley Earthquake (SCSN)
yellow box 2002 Laguna Salada Earthquake (SCSN)
green box 2002 Yorba Linda Earthquake (SCSN)
green box 2002 Big Bear Earthquake (CISN)
green box 2004 Offshore Earthquake (South of Coronado, CA) (CISN)
green box 2004 Arvin Earthquake (CISN)
green box 2005 Wheeler Ridge Earthquake (SCSN)
green box 2005 Anza Earthquake (SCSN)
green box 2005 Yucaipa Earthquake (SCSN)
blue box green box 2005 Obsidian Butte Earthquake Swarm (SCSN)
green box 2005 Mettler Earthquake (SCSN)
green box 2008 Chino Hills Earthquake (SCSN)
blue box green box 2009 Bombay Beach Earthquake Swarm (SCSN)
green box 2009 Inglewood Earthquake (SCSN)
yellow box 2009 Northern Baja California Earthquake (SCSN)
blue box 2010 Rosarito Baja California Earthquake (SCSN)
blue box 2010 Pico Rivera Earthquake (SCSN)
orange box 2010 Sierra El Mayor Earthquake (SCSN)
orange box 2010 Sierra El Mayor Earthquake (SCEDC)
orange box 2019 Ridgecrest Earthquake (SCSN)
orange box 2019 Ridgecrest Earthquake (SCEDC)
yellow box 2020 Lone Pine (SCSN)