About the SCEDC


SCSN Archive Information

The SCEDC maintains the archive of seismic data recorded by the Southern California Seismic Network (SCSN), whose monitoring goals are set by the ANSS Performance Standards. This page summarizes the contents of the archive.

All parametric and waveform data which is "online" is available for download from the SCEDC via the STP (Seismogram Transfer Program) interface. One can also search and download all parametric data through the catalog search pages. Information on the SCSN seismic stations used to produce this data can be found in the Station Info section.

p phase Y in electronic format
e epicenter N not in electronic format
w wafeforms - n/a
on/offline data available for download    

Year p e w on/off
1932-1976 Y Y - online phase cards
1977-1980 Y Y Y online CEDAR
1981 Y Y Y online CEDAR/CUSP
*missing data
1982 Y Y Y online CEDAR/CUSP
1983-1999 Y Y Y online CUSP
2000 Y Y Y online CUSP/TriNet
2001-present Y Y Y online TriNet