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The SCEDC Earthquake Data AWS Public Dataset

AWS Bucket Name and Region: s3://scedc-pds; us-west-2

The SCEDC archives and distributes continuous ground velocity and acceleration waveforms recorded by the Southern California Seismic Network (SCSN). Currently the SCSN records over 540 stations in the Southern California region. We are pleased to announce that these holdings are now also part of the AWS Public Dataset program. Continuous archive begins in 1999 with 1-20 sps broadband sensor recordings. Continuous archive of 100 sps broadband begins in 2008. Upload of strong motion and short period data (2018-present) is in progress.

Station metadata from CI network stations and the SCSN earthquake catalog (1932-present) is also included in the dataset.

All data is updated daily.

Continuous Waveforms

Data organization

These are waveforms continuously recorded by the SCSN.
  • The top level keyname for continous data is "continuous_waveforms"
  • Each file is one day, starting 00:00:00 UTC. A single channel is uniquely represented by a network code, station code, channel code, location code. See "References" section below for more information on these codes.
  • Each file has key names for the year (4 digit) and the day of the year (3 digit [001-366]).
    Example: continuous_waveforms/2017/2017_010/
  • The data may contain gaps.

File naming convention

[Network code][Station code][Channel code][Location code]_[year][day of year].ms

Examples:, where:

  • [Network code] = 2 letter SEED network code
  • [Station code] = 5 letter SEED station code
  • [Channel code] = 3 letter SEED channel code
  • [Location code] = 2 letter SEED location code
  • [Location code] = 2 letter SEED location code
  • [day of the year] = 3 digit day of the year (aka ordinal date)

File format: miniSEED

Event Based Waveforms

These are waveforms whose time windows are centered around an event in the SCSN catalog.

Data organization

  • The top level keyname for event based waveforms is "event_waveforms"
  • Each file is one event, comprising of time series of seismic channels, written out one after another. The window should encompass the arrival of the events energy at the channel. The file name is the SCSN catalog event id
  •  event_waveforms/
    Example: event_waveforms/2019/2019_187/

File format: miniSEED

Event Phases

These files contain the phase arrivals for an event in the SCSN catalog.

Data organization

  • The top level keyname for event based phases is "event_phases"
  • Each file is one event, in the STP Phase output (See STP manual page 34). The file name is the SCSN catalog event id
  •  event_phases/
    Example: event_phases/2019/2019_187/38457511.phase

File format: STP Phase format

Southern California Seismic Network Earthquake Catalog

These files are lists of events detected by the SCSN and their summary information.

Data organization

  • Earthquake summary information is stored in files by year. Key names are "earthquake_catalogs" and "SCEC_DC". The files are the same format as the pre-made catalog text files and are version controlled in a Github repository

Metadata Structure

These files describe the station metadata and instrument response for seismic sites in the CI network.

Data organization

  • Each file contains metadata for a single station for all epochs. Key names are "FDSNstationXML" and the network code "CI".
    Example: FDSNstationXML/CI/CI_GSC.xml
  • Only CI network stations are hosted in the public dataset. Please see the authoritative network for stations that do not have a CI network code.

File naming convention
[Network code]_[Station code].xml
(ex: CI_GSC xml,CI_PASC.xml)

File format