What Data is Hosted at the SCEDC?

These pages describe what data and software are available at the SCEDC archives.

  • Earthquake Catalogs - Search or download the SCSN earthquake catalog, focal mechanisms, moment tensors, and researcher refined catalogs.
  • Waveform Data - Search, or download waveforms from the SCEDC archive. The SCEDC distributes continuous waveforms as well as event-windowed records.
  • Station Metadata - View maps, search or download station metadata from the SCEDC archive.
  • Web Services - Search, download data from the SCEDC archive using web services.
  • Special Data Sets - Data sets derived from SCEDC data produced by SCEC scientists
  • Downloads Page - Table of all downloadable information from SCEDC archive
  • Training and Validation Data Sets for Deep Learning - Data sets that can be used for training or benchmarking deep learning algorithms