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Synthetic Seismic and GPS Data from Nov 13, 2008 ShakeOut Exercise

The SCEDC is now distributing a subset of seismograms (20 km and 40 km spacing) and GPS data computed for the 2008 ShakeOut scenario. See maps below for spatial distribution.


The ShakeOut exercise of Nov 13, 2008 involved the simulation of a magnitude 7.8 earthquake on the southern San Andreas Fault the propagated north to Tejon Pass. The estimates of damage were based on a simulation that is decribed in Graves et al (2008).

ShakeOut scenario was developed by the USGS Multi Hazards Demonstration Project in partnership with the California Geological Survey, Southern California Earthquake Center and many other partners with funding from the USGS, CGS, and FEMA.

Funding for the ShakeOut simulations was provided by SCEC under NSF grants EAR-0623704 and OCI-0749313 and by the US Geological Survey. The largescale simulations were run at USC’s Center for High Performance Computing and Communications under an agreement with the SCEC CME project.

See References section for citation information.

Seismic Datasets

The computational grid samples the wavefield every 2 km. Packages of seisomgrams are output in 3 collections: sampled every 40 km (66 stations), sampled every 20 km (242 stations), and sampled at site that are nearly colocated with continuous GPS sites (77 stations).

Locations of ShakeOut Recordings Locations of ShakeOut Recordings Map


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