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Real Time GPS displacement waveforms provided by the AIST project


Under the NASA funded Advanced Information System Technologies program (AIST), real time GPS total displacement waveforms from the California Real Time Network (CRTN - ) are being converted into seismic formats as displacement seismograms and archived at the SCEDC. One the key goals of this project, entitled Real-Time In Situ Measurements for Earthquake Early Warning and Spaceborne Deformation Measurement Mission Support, is to promote the integration of these data into the scientific seismic analysis that is conducted using data at the SCEDC.

These data are now available in near real time, and permanently archived them at the SCEDC. In doing so, the project pays special attention to the different needs and data product drivers of the geodetic and seismological communities, and is aiming to produce new geodetic products that can be easily assimilated into routine data analysis by both seismologists and geodesists.

Dataset Description

Displacement waveforms of 86 stations from CRTN are archived at the SCEDC at an hourly rate. Each station has 3 channels, orientations East, North, and Up at 1 sps. Displacements are in microns and secular displacements are removed. Based on guidance from IRIS the SEED name for these channels are LYE, LYN, and LYZ for east, north and up orientations respectively.

Downloading Data

Download the AISTstp client. For documentation of commands, type "help" at the STP prompt.

Map of GPS stations

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